Friday, 7 January 2011


This walk comes highly recommended by my Spanish neighbour who at this time of year goes to work on skis. Lucky man, he works at the observatory above the Granada.

Lucero is the majestic pyramid shaped summit best seen as you drive from Malaga east toward Nerja.

Starting from the North of the mountain the drive is as good as the walk itself. From the road between Fornes and Arenas del Rey follow the clearly signed track to the Resinera Information Centre. About 150m after the centre the track forks, turn right uphill (Vivero de la Resinera to the left). The track climbs to cross an open area of pine forest before a wonderful switchback section traversing a steep hillside. After 11km the track drops to cross the river bed on a large concrete pad, 500m after a narrow track forks left. Marked by a Zona de Reserva and a Prohibited Traffic sign this marks our return route so park nearby.

We now walk west for about 2km along the track which becomes quite rough, then climbs to reach the start of the waymarked trail to Lucero. It’s an obvious route climbing to reach a large col where we get our first real view of Lucero’s summit and its ruined Guardia Civil watch post. The route becomes rockier from this point as it traverses the flank of Lucerillo before final steep and somewhat exposed zig zags to the summit. Once you get to the summit it’s clear to see why it was used as a view point by the Guardia during the civil war as the views from the top over the nearer ranges as well as across the Med. to the Rif Mountains of Morocco and North East to the Sierra Nevada are stunning.

Once you have had your fill of the summit return to the large open col below Lucerillo. Whilst you can return the way you came there is a better if far less used route back to the car. A boundary stone here, marked MP, marks a feint path running North. Take this path which is marked by a large stone arrow then by cairns and later red paint. Follow the path though open forest, cross a couple of dry stream beds then after about 15 minutes zig zag down to a further stream bed. Turn right to a cairn to rejoin the path as it now levels to join a wider track at a waymarker. Turn left to follow the track down hill then left again at a T junction as the track levels out at a rocky stream bed. This soon takes you back to the track where you left the car some four or five hours ago.

Lucero is obviously a popular summit, I saw seven! other people on the day I did the ascent, not quite Snowdon on a Bank Holiday but busy by local standards.

10km , 4-5 hours , No water en route, steep ascent