Friday, 30 July 2010

Tello to West ridge Caballo mountain bike route

Just to ahow that there more than just walking in the area i do do occasional bike rides as well. Unfortunately I forgot the camera on this one but have just published the route on my facebook page under Niguelas so have a look if you are interested

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Limerick Climbing Club walking week.

I recently guided fro Mountain House for a weeks long booking made by Limerick Mountaineering Club.

22! memebers of the club turned up in Malaga for five days of activities in the Sierra Nevada. The first day out was a Travenque ascent, all the group got to the top so the summit was slightly overcrowded with 22 clients, 3 guides and a couple of Swedish walkers who were also there.

Day two was the start of a three day trip up Mulhacen with two nights in the Poqueira refuge. The walk in was simple enough with three groups taking various routes in to the hut, day two saw a fairly early start for an ascent via the upper Rio Poqueira and the west ridge. Whilst there was some snow in the valley most was easily avoided with the west ridge proving to be the usual long slog up to the summit. Day three was a return out again on three differing routes.

After a rest day the last full walking day saw an ascent of Cero de Caballo which at 3,011m is the most westerly of the ''Tres Mille''. Suprising;ly this ascent was more tiring than Mulhacen for most , including the guides but aonce again all the group summited in magnificent weather.

The final day allowed for a short half day for some of the group who made an ascent up the the hermita above Pinos de Valle in the Lecrin valley.